Re: Ladies Home Journal -- Ginni

From: Karen Kaplan (
Wed Feb 9 05:40:57 2000

Ginni: What a wonderful opportunity to tell others they are not alone and there is hope. Karla B. sure sums up the impact of ARD on our lives. The best to you, Karen

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> Ginni: "Stiff upper lip" as they say. I'm sure you'll do fine. Just
tell > it like it is. Be candid but not overly descriptive, people w/out the
pain & > problems just don't seem to uinderstand how much pain is onvolved, how it
> destroys your social & work life and the depression that is part of the
> package. Or you could just shock them w/the unaldulterated truth of the
> matter. Once again, GOOD LUCK!!! Karla B.

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