Thu Feb 17 16:09:00 2000

Dear Dr. Wiseman,

Yesterday I sent you a personal & confidential email to view your opinion on my last surgery for adhesions. I received a very quick reply from you. I was very disappointed in your response..and that was.."why dont you call me..and furthermore..why dont you send money to the IAS to help w/research for adhesions.

I was quite appalled at your answer. I gave great detail in my question. There is no other information that I could possibly discuss on the phone with you.

I realize that the IAS needs money for research..however you are asking the wrong person right now. I have lost 2 jobs over my health..and am barely even making ends meet as it is. I cannot work right now and may never be able to work again.

I feel now that maybe this forum isnt the place for me. I am so used to running into brick walls over my condition..but to find a forum..and ask a question..and then get another brick wall answer and asking for me money really disturbs me.

I would like at this be removed from this forum. I can no longer value anything you say.

Kim Merrell

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