Ginni: doctor's orders

From: Karen Kaplan (
Fri Feb 18 15:54:35 2000

Thanks Ginni: I now research everything before I try it - especially now that I realize that following doctor's orders got me endometrial cancer... In all fairness, he did tell me to reduce stress first, but then Nabisco downsized me. I wish he had then told me to take a year off because the estrogen was too risky. .. A colo-rectal specialist is probably better for you - and apparently the laser is more tricky when the bowel is involved - even Dr. Reich told me that. I am now thinking I should see a colo-rectal surgeon who specializes in adhesions. I also finally researched the Chapparral tea I've been drinking since the surgery in the hope that, if it heals so well on the outside (my hyst scar ain't too bad - even got a compliment on it from Dr Evanko), maybe it would prevent new adhesions. It is a powerful anti-cancer herb - so I've at least been giving myself non-toxic chemo. it also " inhibits anaerobic glycolysis, which the cancer cell relies on for energy," is an anti-inflammatroy, and one of the best natural anti-oxidants. and helps with bowel function though not a laxative. It can be toxic to the liver, so i am careful to only drink a few ounces per day. I had to do something. Maybe I should also find a real herbalist. The only herbal reference to adhesions I've found is an herb that IS toxic to the liver, and cannot be purchased, tho I'll bet there are healers who have it. You'd think one or more of the pharmaceutical companies would be researching this! I lost my closest friend to breast cancer in 95 after being terminal for 5 years (it had spread to her bone and liver). In 1993, she could not walk from the car to the movie theater entrance (we kept going to movies and parties until the last two weeks of her life). Her father found a Chinese herbalist, and her mother cooked these herbs every week - smelled earthy. 1994 and the first few months of 95 were so much better for Maureen, and we knew it was the herbs. I kept her last container of herb tea in my refrigerator until i moved in 1998.

We are all praying for you. Well, I am not religious, but my thoughts are with you. When I found out I had cancer, the woman who sold me this house called me and she prayed for me over the phone to be ok, and it worked as far as the cancer. Almost makes me wish I was born a Christian, to have that kind of faith. Wish I could do more... Karen

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> Karen,
> I am so glad I found this website, this is even more valuable advice to me
> and I will definitely try your suggestion. Here, I have been blindly
> following doctor's orders and never even looked into a substitute. I had
no > idea mineral oil could do that. Thanks again, Ginni

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