Re: Fentanyl - Toni

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 18 16:27:45 2000

At Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Tina Shelby wrote: >
>Let me clear up some confusion, I'm not on Fentanyl, I am on Oxycontin. In
>my personal experience, the oxycontin is working very well for me.
>Hopefully, your doctor will continue to work with you, finding the pain
>management that works.
>Wishing you the best

Oh, I am sorry<Tina, hwo much oxycontin do you take? I guess I expected MORE relief with this drug. I am supposed to take it 3 times A day, add I have cut back to twice. It is constipating, and the GI dr I see at the moment, wants me off it.

He said between that and the trazadone, it is probably causing some of that! Thinking of you, very depressing day today, loads of rain. Would rather have more snow. Thunderstorms and everything today crazy weather for Feb.


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