Re: International Adhesions Society -- How to access the Archives....

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Sun Feb 20 14:20:55 2000

Hello Helen and all my fellow IAS members.

I am home following a nice vacation. If there is anything I can do to assist any of you, please feel free to call upon me. Like Helen, I am here to serve your needs the best I can and I will work diligently on your behalf to bring you as much relief in your suffering as I can.

I stress that edcuation is para mount in your finding any kind of releif for those who suffer with adhesion disease. I also stress taking control and being responsible for your own medical care, to be your own best DR. Is it possible to know more then your medical care provider when it comes to ARD? ( adhesion related disease ) YES it is, and you will probably find it is more common that you will know more not only about ARD, but what to do about it when it comes to treating it!

Is there hope out there for those who suffer ARD? YES there is hope....and here on this forum, we don't just say the word hope....we strive for ways to help you find that hope.... as without hope you have nothing, and if you are reading this message from me, you have already started on that road to finding answers to your many questions regarding ARD, and you have just tapped into something that will bring you hope, friendship, edcuation, and the power to help yourself and even greater then all that you have found that, " YOU ARE NOT ALONE " anymore!

In friendship Beverly J. Doucette

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From: Helen Dynda <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, February 18, 2000 2:30 PM Subject: International Adhesions Society -- How to access the Archives....

> I want to call your attention to some very important information which
> Beverly ( and I have written - which are currently stored
> in the International Adhesions Society Archives. This information may
> be forgotten unless someone explains how to access this information in
> the Archives.
> Beverly's messages are based on her recent adhesiolysis (surgery for
> adhesions), which was done by Harry Reich, M.D.- who is internationally
> recognized for his surgical work.
> My messages are based on the research I have done concerning adhesions
> and adhesion-related information since Fall 1997 - as well as my
> personal experience of having lived with the chronic pain of adhesions
> for 30 years, as of February 1970.
> 1.) Select and click: the month you want to view at the following
> website:
> 2.) At the top of this webpage there is a blue bar, which says: POST A
> NEW MESSAGE TO THE FORUM. Just under this bar are the words: Messages
> sorted by: thread - subject - author.
> 3.) Click: "author"
> 4.) Scroll down to the author's name: Beverly - or - Helen
> To access the information in the Archives for other months, you will
> have to return to the following website. Click the month you want to
> view and go through the same procedure as in steps 1-4 (above).
> * I encourage all of you to make use of the International Adhesions
> Society Archives!

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