Re: Kathy's doing fine

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Thu Feb 24 19:55:05 2000

Thank-you my dearest Karen! PLEASE give kathy my best and tell her I paryed all day for her. Also mention the wheelchair at aiprotas etc..ok?

Keep me posted and let her know I am here if she has any questions...that is the best i can offer from such a distance, please give her a hyug for me as that is the closet she and I will ever get is through you..ok?

Get to me as soon as you meet her etc...

love Bev

How are you doing?? No word from Karla last two days...???

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From: Karen Kaplan To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 7:41 PM Subject: Kathy's doing fine

Hi all - I just heard that Kathy is in recovery and doing just fine after her surgery with Dr. Reich at Columbia/Presbyterian Hospital here in New York. She'll be leaving the hospital in 2-3 hours. I'll see her tomorrow night and let you know more since she won't be going home until Tuesday. Karen

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