Re: Re Karla

Sat Feb 26 19:12:49 2000

For Karla N.:

"God be in my eyes....and in my seeing; God be in my ears....and in my hearing; God be in my mouth....and in my speaking; God be in my mind.....and in my knowing; God be in my heart.....and in my loving; God be in my life.....and in all my living."

You can be sure that you are in my prayers, Karla. I feel a special kinship to you as we share the same name. I will also ask everyone in my prayer network to also pray for you...every little bit helps & God hears us. I don't know how I know, but I really believe that. My mother always tells me, "God never gives us more than we can handle. When a door closes, He opens a window".

I will pray for all of us. Blessed Be. Karla B.

P.S. Beverly, could you print this out & give it to Karla? I'd appreciate it! Thanx!!

Karla B.

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