Re: It's been a long time.....Someone from Schenectady!

Sat Feb 26 19:20:04 2000

Hi Denise! I attended what was Mont Pleasant High in Schenectady. We would have been "rivals" at school! It makes me laugh to think about it. I graduatged 20 years ago. How about you?

Hi to everyone else! Tara, Toni, Helen, Beverly, Karla N. I've missed you all as I spent a week in the hospital (not adhesion related). No computer access, no was killing me! But now that I'm back, I'm realy sorry to hear re Karla N.'s latest setback. Let God handle it. Put it right in the SFJTD (something for Jesus to do) box.

Gotta go, my kitties need me!

Blessed Be. Karla B.

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