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Fri Jun 2 20:16:29 2000

Hi Marla, The same thing happened to me. I was so scared when I could feel them growing up to my rib cage. It happened to me in about 10 weeks and then it stopped growing. The longer I had them inside of me the harder they got slowing me down more and more every day. Now I am 3 months post op and cured. There is a cure and it is called Intergel. I went to Germany to get it but you may find it in any country but ours possibly. Do not give up hope. Joanne

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> Hmmmm ... perhaps I wrote it wrong?
> That's a numeral one at the end.
> My problems started about 15 months ago right after an abdominal
> hysterectomy. The most frightening thing is that it started out in a small
> area about two inches wide, six inches long just below my navel. Since
then > it has spread all the way across my lower abdomen from hip to hip and is
> invading the area above my navel to the base of my rib cage. Did yours
> spread like that? How much area is affected? I keep hoping it will reach a
> saturation point and stop but just in the last two weeks it reached my rib
> cage. The doc says that's the nerves have shorted out and will keep trying
> to find an "end" whatever that means. I haven't even been able to find a
> doctor in the area that is knowledgable (sp?) enough to give me answers.
All > they tell me is that it will probably never go away and there is no
> treatment and no cure. One even went so far as to tell me that while it
> isn't life threatening I might someday wish it would kill me. Boy now,
THAT > really gave me a lot of HOPE. <g>
> Blessings,
> Marla
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> Subject: Welcome Marla
> >Hi and welcome! I tried to visit your web page but couldn't. How long
> >have you been dealing with adhesions? Mine has been a 10 year battle.
> >I'm looking forward to sharing information and experiences with you.
> >Sherry at
> >

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