Re: Painful adhesions return where to go from here?

From: Chuck Butman (
Fri Jun 2 20:20:27 2000

Barbara, There is a cure. It cost me 4,000 dollars. Do not go into surgery again without the intergel. I left the country but if you wait I am sure it will be approved soon here. Joanne

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> HI My name is Barbara S I know Helen Chalmers from the hyst. site. I
> glad i found her and hope her surgery goes well. But is what i would
> like to know is what if i can't afford this Center in PA i understand
> there positon on the money. But, my husband is terminaly ill and i have
> to work full time just to make ends meet. So where does this put me and
> this center? Right now all i can see is i can try another surgery but
> risk more adhesions but i will ask him to use adhesion barriers this
> time. I have new ones over my bladder now from the Lap scars from my
> last adhesion removal. this seems like a vicious cycle that will never
> end. I'm in pain all the time and i'm on my feet at work 8 to 9 hours a
> day. I was just promoted so i don't want to say anything to risk
> messing that up as we need the money. I feel like i'm destined to live
> this life of pain with no help from anyone i have a great doctor but
> even he wonders if anything will help we worry together on this he does
> take great care of me and knows i hurt but from his point of view pain
> killers are not an option for long term use and i understand were he is
> coming from. I'm going to try and see in in January thats tax time for
> us since we always get a refund (hehe) and see if i can come up with the
> money then for this Adhesion Center but wow it seems like a long time to
> suffer though but what chice do i have. thank you for your time.
> --
> Barbara.... TAH 11/10/99
> Adhesion surgery 4/28/00

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