The Pump

From: Peralta Sandy (
Wed Jun 14 09:20:25 2000

Hello. My name is Sandy and I was searching the web in regards to the spinal surgery "The Pump". My family recently saw a documentary on the TV news show Dateline and it caught our attention. My mother has been seeking information on this surgery as she lives in pain everyday and has already had 2 spinal surgery's. She is very interested in obtaining information however it is not easy to come by and unfortunalty there is nothing to go by within Canada (we live in Calgary, Alberta). I am actually trying to find someone who can help us and give us some information regarding the surgery, side affects, success rate etc. I noted that you were willing to give your mothers number and was wondering if she would be available to answer any questions my mother may have? This would be so greatly appreciated and I think it would really put her mind at ease speaking with someone who has experienced this.

Would you please consider this and let me know. Thank you so much.

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