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From: Misty (
Wed Jun 14 09:52:36 2000

Hi my name is Misty, I'm 27 years old and I'm an RN. I'm married with two children. I also suffer from severe pelvic adhesional disease. If you have time here is my story:

I have had two c-sections both with very large children, my first one was 9 lbs and the second one was 10 lbs. I'll just list my surgery's that is easier.

1995 c-section 1996 removal of gall bladder (lots of gall stones) 1998 (this really don't count but...) insertion of stint in right kidney while pregnant. 1998 c-section 1998 removal of kidney stint (after delivery) 1998 tubal ligation (should have done this during c-section but I wasnt quite sure if I wanted it done) 1999 Lysis of adhesions (pelvic cavity...seprafilm used and failed after 1 year) 1999 removal of pylindial cysts on tail bone 2000 total abdominal hysterectomy/burch...right ovary was saved ONE WEEK LATER AFTER HYST: ER surgery to remove a grapefruit sized abcess off the right surgery. The OB/GYN tried to do that laproscopic but could not get in because of the scar tissue so she had to do it open. ONE WEEK AFTER THAT: formed a huge hematoma in my incision, had a large wound de-hyst about 6 inches into the abdomen, then a week after that I went back in surgery to have that closed, with another hematoma forming after that but I opted to let the body absorb that.

I know that is alot and there were a couple more surgery's tied into that but I doubt they would have caused adhesions. Anyway to this day i'm 5 months post-op from having my TAH. I'm having alot of pain with the ovary, there is alot of calcifcation on the ovary due to the abcess that was there and the ovary ended up failing. I'm having alot of severe pain on the right side and severe pulling sensation. I'm also having alot of cramping in the naval area. I'm not sure if that is due to scar tissue, or what. I see my surgeon tomorrow (thursday). They are afraid that I may have a small bowel obstruction due to adhesions and they are also worrying that my bowels are being wraped with them again. When I had the lysis of adhesion surgery in 1999 my bladder cavity along with the female organ area were obliviated with adhesions. So now they are talking about going in and removing the adhesions once again and using interceed...a adhesion barrier method. Has anyone ever had this used on them? These things are affecting my everyday life, I have been through physical therapy to loosen them up and it has not worked. I have been one to form adhesions severely and very rapidly. I know once you have any type of surgery adhesions are going to form. I can't really do too much with my children, except goto the pool and sit in the lounge chair while they swim. If I go shopping it has to be an in and out thing or else I start hurting. I'm also a trauma RN in surgery, and it is sooooo hard for me to stand during surgery before I want to double over in pain. Any advice you may have to help me please let me know. My email is or i'll just keep reading the posts here. sorry this was a long book but I wanted to give you an idea of what I have been through so you have a better understanding.

thank you for listening,
Misty hoffman

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