Your prayers are requested for Helen Chalmers and Beth S.

From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Jun 17 02:29:54 2000

Helen Chalmers ( )and Beth ( )are each scheduled to have surgery on June 19th. These ladies have been patiently waiting for this day arrive - and very soon it will be a reality! Both Helen and Beth made a very wise decision! They decided that they wanted the best chance for a successful surgery; so they chose two of the best laparoscopic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Harry Reich and his surgical partner, Dr. Jay Redan, who is a general surgeon. On May 1st Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan opened the very first adhesions unit in the United States at a hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Both surgeons are very skilled and very experienced in laparoscopic surgical procedures; and they share a special interest in trying to help the many unfortunate people who suffer with chronic pelvic pain as a result of adhesions, caused by prior surgeries.

Helen and Beth, you are in very good hands!! God be with you - and best wishes for your safe and successful recovery.

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