Re: A prayer for my family

From: toni welsh (
Thu Sep 7 15:08:36 2000

At Thu, 7 Sep 2000, wrote: >
>I am in exactly the same situation as you are, please lift me up too. My
>husband cannot deal with the medical bills and my moods from this cronic
>pain. Adhesions cover whole bowel with very little or no space between them,
>ouch, morning worse.
>The bowel has adhered itself to abdominal wall, and right side wall. Too many
>opinions, Meanwhile I'm alone, stuck with pain, and feeling insecure and full
>of self doubt. Please pray for me and my husband. The pressure is too much
>for him and I think he either does'nt believe the problem can cause such
>pain, or he does'nt want damaged goods anymore. I can't work, I'm scared.
>Docs differ. Some compassionate, some call you an addict. My pain overwhelmes
>me. I'm tired and don't want this fight. My children suffer also. Mommys sick
>today, she cant come etc etc, want my life back. Need specialist in Kansas
>City or nearby, DRiekeRosehill, Debbie. One more complication, the doc here
>went to do exploritory and perforated the bowel 4 cm hole, had surgeons
>repair, then abandoned me and says my pain is not real. Thats so
>disheartening, I am overwhelmed. Please pray, going to doc today, sharp pains
>in side, and lose mobility of left leg intermittently.

your story sounds so familiar to mine, but I have given up on all the drs here in ohio, cannot go out of town. Right now I am working on quitting smoking AGAIN, doing alittle better there! You are all in my prayers, I wish I had more time to be here like I used to do , I miss my friends here!


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