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From: Connie (
Sat Sep 9 17:35:58 2000

At Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Chrissy wrote: >Chrissy: So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I, too have contacted Dr's. Redan/Reich, Dr. Redan reviewed my records and feels that I am "an absolutely perfect" candidate for concious pain mapping. Due to budgetary constraints I can't afford to go thru with any surgery that will involve me paying the whole bill and I don't think my insurance will cover concious pain mapping even if they did accept insurance. But, I am seeing a Dr. close to home to see if he can figure out what is going on. I have had 2 negative laps after having had extensive colon adhesions prior (2 separate surgeries involved the colon). I have had endo in my left ovary, moderate adhesions elsewhere in the pelvic area and my subsequently had a hysterectomy and bilateral oopherectomy all separate surgeries. But, it is so nice to hear a success story...I hope that you will continue to feel great!

Love, Connie

P.S. I talked with my gyne the other day and he said he has no doubt that there is something there...he just wishes he could've found the problem after this last lap. He and I have talked (we have a good relationship) and he asked me to call and keep him updated on what I find out. >Hi All,
>Hope everyone's spirits are up today. I wanted to share with you about
>my surgery I had on 7/24/00 with Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan. I had so
>much left sided pain that it was unbearable. I went to a doctor (WILL
>NOT MENTION HIS NAME) at Brigham & Women's hospital in Boston. That dr.
>had me running around for test after test. My local OB/GYN said just so
>and "humor" the doctor. Well, after all those funky tests I was put
>through - this doctor said, Yes, you do need surgery for the adhesions
>but I don't want to do it. I just want to say in this email THANK YOU
>Dr. Jay Redan and Dr. Harry Reich for giving me some quality of life.
>I can now go to work full-time and not have to come home and go to bed
>just so I would have enough energy to work my full-time job. I can now
>say YES to plans instead of let me see how I will feel that day. I
>finally have some quality of life and both me and my husband are so very
>happy. I do still have some pain on my left side but NOTHING compaired
>to what I was going through prior to my surgery in PA with the doctors.
>I must say, both Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich have the BEST bedside manors
>I have ever seen in any of the doctors I have been too, and believe me I
>have been to lots - had 7 surgeries (endometriosis & adhesions) before
>the PA surgery. I wanted to share with all of you - a positive note.
>Smiles and hugs to all.
>With Love,
>Chrissie Damon ")

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