From: Ron/Barbara Paul (DWRon@AoL.com)
Sun Sep 17 17:34:38 2000

Drs. Reich and Redan performed surgery on Barbara on Aug. 21. She suffered from very severe,but localized tugging pain that 25 mg. of morphine did not relieve. We tried everything including magnets and acupuncture. The pain clinic we had gone to referred us back to our surgeon(for the 4th time),but we decided that we would go to Drs. Reich and Redan. The surgery did not take very long(we expected 4-5 hours and it took only an hour and a half). The doctors removed her gall bladder and lysed only a few adhesions. She was fine for about 5 days after the surgery and then the pain returned!! We were frantic and called the doctors' office in Pennsylvania. They told us it was too early to be frustrated. They suggested a bland diet and Mylanta for a few days. AND THE PAIN IS NOW GONE!!!! Barbara had been suffering terribly before the operation. THERE IS HOPE. Those who suffer should consider consulting these wonderful doctors. Dr. Redan continued to contact Barbara after the surgery by e-mail to see how she is doing. He has always answered my e-mail inquiries as well. We hope to continue on a path of recovery and good health.

Barbara & Ron Paul

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