Re: Experts in Pittsburgh, PA

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Wed Sep 20 10:09:38 2000

> Has anyone heard of doctors in Pittsburgh, particularly at Magee's
> Womens Hospital that are experts with adhesions? My insurance will refer
> me there at full pay.

He's not at Magee's, but when I was talking with Dr. Reich about going up there, he found a doctor in Pittsburgh- Dr. Joseph Sanfilippo who had worked with Dr. Reich and Dr. Reich was impressed with his surgical skills. He's head of OB/GYN at Allegheny General. He did surgery for adhesions with me last year and I've not had serious problems that I've noticed since then, although I was also part of the intergel clinical trial and did get the intergel so that could have made a difference. But I figured that if Dr. Reich was supposed to be one of the best and he was impressed with Dr. Sanfilippo, then he must be fairly good. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me.

Sue Ann

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