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From: Jean-Marc Leclerc (
Wed Sep 20 10:09:43 2000

Dear Chrissy, My name is Deborah,my story is on the quilt. Would mind sharing with me your experience during and after surgery with DR. Riche? What were your initial symptoms?? I look forward to hearing from you, In friendship, Deborah from Canada -----Original Message----- From: <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Date: August 11, 2000 9:38 AM Subject: Re: Tired

>Hi Robin,
>Let me tell you a loan is very worth the trip to Scranton, PA. I am
>recovering from surgery I had on 7/24/00 that Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich had
>performed for my adhesions.
>The only pain I feel right now is the pain from my surgery and when I am in
>total recovery from my surgery pain, I hope not to feel the pain I did
prior >to my surgery.
>The Doctors, hospital, and hotel are all very, very, nice. I wish you an
>easy path to your surgery. I will say a prayer that all runs smoothly for
>you. Take care and please let me know how all goes for you.
>~Chrissie (Christine Damon)

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