Re: Endo return or Adhesions

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Wed Sep 20 10:12:46 2000

> Hi Meg. I'm new to this site as well. I was (finally) diagnosed with
> endo with adhesions nearly two years ago. My left ovary was adhered to
> my colon which was adhered to my pelvic sidewall. My advice to you
> would be to seek a surgeon who specializes in endometriosis. May I
> suggest a very helpful newsgroup?

There is also a moderated listserv group called witsendo. I participate some in both (should be available from any news server) and witsendo and some AOL boards. Alt. support does get into some flame wars (a lot lately it seems) that witsendo does not get into because it's moderated. If anyone wants the information on witsendo, write me directly and I'll get it to you.

Sue Ann

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