Kathly L-changes in pain

From: Verna Cohen (verna@mcn.org)
Tue Sep 26 22:49:54 2000

After I wrote my message I read yours and so much of your note sounds like what I go through. I'm finding out that physical labor is a no no for me. You are right about the diet. Popcorn is my absolute favorite food - I haven't touched it for over six months. Ruffage of any kind, the skin of fruits, nuts, fiber etc... all cause me trouble. Beef is also not very good for me anymore. Somewhere on the net I read info that a man wrote about the soft diet he uses for adhesions...I think it was at the Mayo Clinic site. If I can find it again I'll send it through. I take phayzme pills for gas and several stool softeners each night to keep things "soft". I hope some of this helps. Take care...and hang in there.


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