Re: Brokenwing and others i was on librax!!

From: Millie (
Fri Mar 2 19:29:22 2001

Colette, Well, today I went back to the ob/gyn. I told her it is not the IBS causing the pain. I told her I haven't had one good day since I left the hospital. I asked her if it could be adhesions re-formed. She said it could, but she doubts it. I asked her what the pathology showed and she said a few tiny fibroids, and that was it. I asked her then why she took everything. Get a load of this answer. "Because you cried and said you were in pain, and wanted something done." "You look a lot better today than you did before surgery." I told her I am worse, and that there has not been one bit of improvement since the surgery over a month ago. I ought to know my own body by now. She said no CAT scans or other tests would show if adhesions were back. I asked her if the CAT scan or even the barium tests would at least show if the bowels are pulled out of shape. She said no, and that all the previous tests I had were o.k. I told her all of them were done months before this major surgery, but I may as well have banged my head on the wall!!!LOL> I am thinking of looking for a new gastroenterologist,and see what he says. I cannot eat much and I'm starved. Soon after I eat, I feel full and get pains. I have to sleep sitting up. If I try to lay on one side a while, and turn back over, I get such pains in my belly, justlike something kinks right up. I honestly think I'm as good as I'm going to get, and I'm not a happy camper. I feel so left out because Dr. Redan said he couldn't help me now. I feel at times like it's the end of my world. Keep in touch. Millie

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> The librax is to calm your insides down sorta to help them relax.
> Sometimes it works sometimes it does'nt. I too have trouble eating
> today i finnally ate some scrabbled eggs and boy my tummy hurt an hour
> afterwards. Its so hard to eat but after a week i had to eat something
> ouch!!
> Years ago i was on amtriplyne which is stronger than librax and it
> worked great. But it won't take care of the bowel problems, it will
> just hope u cope better i guess!! they put me on that because i lost so
> much weight and could'nt eat back then because of IBS same thing i
> guess. I know i have adhesions cause the pain is awful around my
> incision area.. The specialist i went too i did not like him. I am
> seeing a gasteroligist on march 6 next friday and she is female i hope
> she is better than the last doc. cause i could use some librax or
> amtriplyne. u hang in there, big hugs and lots of love your way
> Colette

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