Re: Brokenwing and others i was on librax!!

Fri Mar 2 21:43:22 2001

Colette I hope this new GI DR. will help you. I started taking the Librax about a week ago and your right it only seems to help me cope with the pain a little bit better. Thanks for the hugs I sure needed them today! ~Brokenwing~

At Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Colette wrote: >
>The librax is to calm your insides down sorta to help them relax.
>Sometimes it works sometimes it does'nt. I too have trouble eating
>today i finnally ate some scrabbled eggs and boy my tummy hurt an hour
>afterwards. Its so hard to eat but after a week i had to eat something
>Years ago i was on amtriplyne which is stronger than librax and it
>worked great. But it won't take care of the bowel problems, it will
>just hope u cope better i guess!! they put me on that because i lost so
>much weight and could'nt eat back then because of IBS same thing i
>guess. I know i have adhesions cause the pain is awful around my
>incision area.. The specialist i went too i did not like him. I am
>seeing a gasteroligist on march 6 next friday and she is female i hope
>she is better than the last doc. cause i could use some librax or
>amtriplyne. u hang in there, big hugs and lots of love your way
> Colette


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