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Fri Mar 2 19:45:50 2001

Hi, Jean, What caused your adhesions? I had that TAH, which I now see I didn't need. I went to the ob/gyn today and told her that I am worse since the surgery. I told her I'm starved but can't eat much because it feels as if everything died. I told her I can't lay flat, and if I turn on my side, then roll back, I get pains thru my belly as if the intestines are all knotted. She tried to tell me I look much better since the TAH. I told her I'm worse. She said the path. report only showed a few tiny fibroids. So I asked her why she removed everything. "Because you were crying and said you had pelvic pain." I told her I have more pains than ever, and that I feel the adhesions are back. She said it could be, but she doubts it. I guess she doesn't want to see me anymore. The mess is made. The $$$$ are made, so I don't count. Did you ever have a bowel obstruction? I am deathly scared of that. Please keep in touch. Millie

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> Millie,
> I take Shaklee's Herb-lax. You get it from Shaklee Distributors.
> You can also get it on the internet, there are lots of sites if you enter
"Shaklee" in the search area. The normal price is around $9.00 a bottle of 120. I am the one who "feeds my Shaklee woman" since I need 3 bottles a month (tee hee). >
> I have this problem for 25 - 30 years now due to the adhesions.
> I went 10 years the first time and no-one helped me, just blamed my
nerves. I tried all the "permitted" things doctors recommended for several years but nothing worked. I had taken a "whole bottle" of prune juice, eaten lots of prunes, drank water, lots of fiber, no fiber, milk of magnesia, bran, herbal teas, mineral oil, stool softeners and metamucil (not all at the same time). > They had me on so many "nerve" medications I couldn't even think, didn't
care about anything anymore and actually couldn't even feel my body anymore. My butt and everything were completely numb! > Every time I said I still had pain they increased the nerve pills some
more!!! >
> I use to do hair and one day I was trying to do a woman's hair and I had
to stand "hunched-over" cause the pain was so bad since I hadn't moved my bowels in 2 weeks. > She "made me" call the doctor right then & there. The doctor just said
"what's ever normal for you" as I heard so many times before. WHY WOULD I BE CALLING on a Sunday if it was normal for me, and how can they say it is normal for ANYONE to go 2 weeks without ANY bowel movement. >
> That is when I took things into my own hands!!!
> I started taking Ex-lax once a week and that was the only day I went.
> I would build up a resistance to it after awhile so I started alternating
Ex-lax and Senokot etc. > Several years later I worked for Service Merchandise and after I would go
for a few days with no bowel movement I would be hunched over in pain while trying to work, making it difficult to wait on customers and hide my pain. I would get "gripping, hold your breath type pain". > A woman I worked with told me about Herb-lax and told me to take it
"every" day, and I have done that ever since. At that time I needed 4 to work but many people only need 1 a night. > It has been over 13 years since I last had the adhesions operated on, so I
have gradually graduated to 10-12 over this time. > I still get my some very bad days but not like going for 2 weeks or even a
week with no BM. > With all the pains I deal with between the adhesions, hiatal hernia,
ulcer, hip replacement and permanent damage from carpal tunnel in both hands I at least need to keep my bowels moving!! > Last night was the first time in a long time that the "gripping, shooting
pains" were extremely bad for some reason. > Usually they would go away in a reasonable amount of time after producing
a BM but last night it lasted all night with no BM till this morning!!! I had a heating pad on my belly and back all night plus kneading my belly. > Guess the adhesions are just getting much worse.
> I do open my business every day but it is very hard.......luckily (??) it
is pretty slow right now. > I don't know if I could handle one of my 40 hour in-depth artwork jobs
right now!! > JEAN (from PA)
> Quote of the day:
> Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may
not lead. "Walk beside me and be my friend."

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> Subject: Re: Jenny Low
> Jean,
> Your number and types of surgeries are astounding. I admire you so much
> because you are handling everything so well. You have to be strong to go
> through so much. What types of laxatives do you take 10-12 of a night?
> Millie

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> Subject: Re: Jenny Low
> > At Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Millie wrote:
> > >
> > >Jean,
> > >How many surgeries have you had? I had a TAH in January. I now know it
> was
> > >unnecessary. I have more pain, and a lot of bowel problems.
Constipation > and
> > >constant pain. Dr. Redan felt he couldn't help me right now. I get so
> afraid
> > >of bowel obstructions, because I've heard how bad they are, as well as
> the
> > >treatment.
> > >Millie
> >
> > Millie,
> > I have had 17 surgeries in all. Out of them "4 were for Adhesions", a
> > Hysterectomy w/ bladder & vaginal repair,
> > 2 C-Sections, Abcessed Cyst on abdomen, 2 hands Carpal Tunnel, 1 Bunion,
> > Calcified Mass in Right Hip, Left Hip Replacement, 2 Revision
> > Replacements on Left Hip, Suture Knot removed Left Hip and Sinus
> > surgery.
> > As a matter of fact I keep telling everyone 17 but actually I had my
> > tonsils taken out as a child so really it is 18!!
> > I also was crippled as a child, in a hospiatal for a month, never went
> > to 4th grade and didn't walk for 3 years.
> >
> > I think my Hysterctomy also may have been un-necessary.
> > I think it was probably adhesions at that time already, but they did
> > that one vaginal so there was no way of knowing.
> >
> > If you had a full incision I really don't think they can blow your
> > abdomen up with air for Laproscopy this soon without problems.
> > I know how hard it is to wait when you are in bad pain but I do thin Dr.
> > Redan will help you when he feels it is safe. You have the outer &
> > inner incisions that need to heal.
> > I had one abdominal incision burst open with infection in the past and
> > believe me that is no fun!!
> > I was VERY sick and almost died with a 107 degree fever. They had to
> > pack me in ice and isolate me. They can't re-stitch the incision and it
> > was OPEN for 3 months growing shut on it's own.
> > When I finally went home I had to go to the hospital every day to get it
> > irrigated and dead tissue cut away.
> >
> > I have been in very bad pain for the past year and haven't walked in a
> > year. I also had 3 surgeries this past year,
> > 6 weeks in a nursing home with intravenous antibiotics and hospitals for
> > 3 weeks.
> > Believe me.....I am also VERY tired of it and wish my adhesion surgery
> > were done & over with.....hopefully it will take away my pains & let me
> > walk again!
> > I ONLY sit, nothing else unless I can just sit for a year now! It has
> > greatly affected my home-based business, friends, etc. Thank God I have
> > a wonderful husband!!!!
> > Hopefully you also have someone supportive!
> > Please try to hang in there until it is safe.
> >
> > Did Dr. Redan say when it would be safe or if you should call him?
> >
> > I know alot of people don't advise laxatives but I have had to take
> > 10-12 every night for many many years now, and would never go without
> > them. I tried EVERYTHING else there was to do and nothing worked.
> > I also massage my belly allot (kneading from right to left in circular
> > pattern) and sleep on a full body heating pad every night.
> > I don't touch carbonated beverages...they would be the death of
> > me.....nothing gas producing!
> > I TRY not to take the pain pills unless I am ready to freak out in pain
> > or can't even concentrate cause they constipate even more. I generally
> > put up with alot of pain.
> >
> > I understand exactly how you feel and you can talk to me any time.
> >
> > JEAN (from PA)
> >

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> > >Subject: Re: Jenny Low
> > >
> > >> At Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Brokenwing wrote:
> > >> >
> > >> >Thank-You for your prayers I can really use them right
> > >> >now! I have lost alot more weight and I still can't eat
> > >> >anything. I have started to try some baby food like the
> > >> >fruits and instant breakfast drinks. But anything I seem
> > >> >to put in my mouth just sits there. I am having to use
> > >> >lax. every 4 days just to get things to move. I went
> > >> >to a new family Dr. on friday and he actually spent
> > >> >an entire hour with my husband and I. He really
> > >> >listened to what I had to say and said he could tell
> > >> >this was taking it's toll on me! He gave me some medicine
> > >> >called Librax has anyone else taken this? I am really
> > >> >not one to take medicine but I am in so much pain and I
> > >> >am so weak that it even takes everything out of me just to get a
> shower.
> > >> >This is really getting hard on my two boys
> > >> >and my husband, which I really Thank God for cause I could not have
> made
> > >> >it this far with out him, He looks so tired
> > >> >and worried all the time so if you don't mind tokeep them in your
> > >> >prayers too. Also the DR. said he could not hear any bowel sounds
> when
> > >> >I was there is this something to
> > >> >worry about? I have had tests that showed no obstructions
> > >> >is there other possible reasons why there might not be any
> > >> >sound? Well now that I have talked your ears off I will
> > >> >get off here. I am so tired even just sitting here for to long.
BIG > > >> >PAIN FREE HUGS! ~Browkenwing~
> > >> >
> > >> >--
> > >> Brokenwing,
> > >> My x-rays, Barium Enema, and even the colonoscopy didn't show
anything. > > >> BUT....when I finally "demanded" exploratory surgery they found the
> > >> adhesions I "did have" an partial bowel obstruction, and what
appeared > > >> to be a herniation, all from the adhesions.
> > >> I had been living on one piece of bread a day at that time, and even
> > >> felt like I had to use a mallet to force that down.
> > >> They were all over the pelvis, upper & lower abdomen, omentum and
> > >> bowels.
> > >>
> > >> I think I would probably be like that right now if I didn't take my
> > >> herb-lax every night....gotta do what I gotta do to survive!
> > >> Can't even imagine functioning at all without it.
> > >> I know I would never go to the bathroom and I would never be able to
> get
> > >> out of bed.
> > >> I feel bloated enough even with taking it.
> > >> Doctors never helped me, only made me worse, so I had to take matters
> > >> into my own hands.
> > >>
> > >> I have been on so many prescription medications in my lifetime I
don't > > >> remember them all, but I think I was on Librax many years ago. I
don't > > >> remember anything about it but if you do a search for Librax on the
> > >> internet I am sure you could find out.
> > >>
> > >> Glad to hear you found a doctor you can talk to....hopefully he also
> > >> helps you!!!
> > >> You can't keep living without food and losing weight!
> > >>
> > >> JEAN (from PA)
> > >> >
> > >>
> > >> --
> > >> Jean (from PA)
> > >>
> >
> > --
> > Jean (from PA)
> >

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