I feel so left out because Dr. Redan said he couldn't help me now....

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Fri Mar 2 20:22:03 2001

Dear Millie,

You said: "I feel so left out because Dr. Redan said he couldn't help me now."

Millie, I assume your last surgery was a laparotomy ( open abdominal ). If that is true, then Dr. Redan really cannot do laparoscopic surgery for you until your laparotomy incision has thoroughly healed.

Why can't he? Dr. Redan has thousands of hours of experience to know that a laparotomy incision must be thoroughly healed before he can can perform a laparoscopic surgery. Your laparotomy incision must be at a specific stage of healing before he can even consider doing laparoscopic surgery for you.

Before a surgeon can actually perform laparoscopic surgery, he must insufflate the abdomen with carbon dioxide...a gas that will expand the abdominal wall so the surgeon is able to easily view the internal organs and so that he/she will have room within the abdomen to do whatever surgical procedure may be necessary.

When carbon dioxide is insufflated into the abdomen, this gas actually expands the abdomen...making the abdomen look like that of a woman about ready to give birth!! If the scar from your laparotomy incision is not healed completely , surgery at this time could be very risky for you. It is for your own protection that Dr. Redan wants you to wait. In the meantime, it would be for your own good, if you could understand that Dr. Redan has your best interests at heart.

Instead of dwelling on a "poor me" outlook, while waiting for a future appointment with Dr. Redan, use this time to learn as much as you can about adhesions. The distraction of actually learning as much as you can about adhesions, will begin to dominate your thoughts; and you will be surprised at how much better you will begin to feel. This is actually a psychological technique...and it really works!!


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