Re: Toni.......Re: Gall Bladder?

From: Jean (
Mon Mar 5 12:00:09 2001

Toni, Do you think you could have had a touch of the flu? I actually also had "diarrhea" about a week ago and wondered what was going on. I did and still do have allot of upper abdomen pain but it is central and on the left side. I normally take 10-12 Herb-lax every night and sometimes still have trouble going. I figured since everyone I know had the flu then that was probably what it was. I still was taking my Herb-lax though cause when I completely stopped it in the past when I had diarrhea I just created problems. I am back to constipation now though, and actually even worse now this past week. I actually "like" when I have a touch of the flu since I am always so constipated. I don't need nausea though!

Good luck at the doctor....hope you are feeling better.

JEAN (from PA)

>This last week was NEW to me. I NEVER have diarreha. That is why I
>have been so confused this whole week. I am feeling somewhat better,
>thank goodness! I am only babying my digestive tract right now. I see
>the dr later to day. I still am having some pain in the upper part, but
>as of now the diarreha is gone. It has been 24 hours since I have gone.

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