Re: adhesions attached to leg muscle

From: Jean (
Mon Mar 5 12:45:52 2001

Suzanne, I "think" I may have the same problem as you had. I haven't been able to walk for a year now. I have always had adhesion problems, multiple pains and constipation which have progressively gotten worse over the years.

January of 2000 I fell off of my heavy high-back office chair which put my body in a fetal position underneath it. We thought I damaged my hip replacement or my back from the impact or position, but all the tests were negative. Since nothing showed the only recourse was to assume it was infected due to an abscessed cyst I also had on my abdomen. The hip doctor then did 2 hip revisions within 3 months(2 separate surgeries on same hip)to treat it for infection. The last one was September 2000 and I still can't walk and still have the same pains. He was very disappointed and said I should have been better long already. My back has also been checked out thoroughly about 5 times now.

I think we went down the wrong path and either the fall was just a coicidence or the position it put me in may have adhered the adhesions to something it hadn't been previously. I should be exercising the hip to bring strength back but I can't or I wind up back on the sofa in extreme pain! I have pain in my upper & lower abdomen, pelvis, groin, butt, outer hip and back on the left side. Everything on the left side from my ribs on down! I have "always" been constipated. I also get nauseated alot now.

I have been forced to "sit" or lay all of the time for the past year now. I do "very little" walking (w/ a crutch), standing or bending since I will wind up on the sofa with a heating pad all day if I do. I basically haven't been able to function for the past year!

This is usually the point I have always gotten to when I finally had to get my adhesion surgeries (non-functioning), otherwise I have put up with with them. It through me off this time cause my "bad hip" hurt. The adhesions are probably making the pain in the hip even worse this time since it is already my bad hip and they are aggravating it.

Once before I had pain in my "good" leg caused by adhesions but it wasn't left go this long, so I didn't get to the point of totally not walking. I had adhesions attaching my ovary to the vaginal wall on that side.

I now sleep on a heating pad or else I can't sleep at all. I will have to look up the psoas muscle! JEAN (from PA)

At Mon, 5 Mar 2001, suzanne wrote: >
>Yes Jean, I did have a great deal of back/hip/left sciatic leg pain. I
>also had pain in the front of my leg in the groin area. Yes, walking,
>bending, standing - it all caused me pain. And boy, did the pain get
>worse when I needed to have a bm. I am beginning to do some research on
>the psoas muscle. Does anyone else here have adhesions involving the
>psoas muscle or know much about this muscle?
>Jean, do you have adhesions involving this area?
>take care, suzanne

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