Re: Living with pain

From: Jean (
Mon Mar 5 13:02:56 2001

Kate, Why do you use a wheelchair (the cause of pain)??.... Adhesion related or another problem?

I did use a wheelchair for about 3 months last year but I had to return it (rental). I did feel much better with it, and that is what saved my home-based business. That is when I learned I must sit as much as possible in order to to survive this. My home is not wheelchair accessable so I was "stuck" in my office with it all the time. There is a high step to go up into the rest of my house. I have a narrow hallway and it wouldn't fit in the bathroom door either. There is plenty of open space in my office but not in the rest of the house, plus the rest of the house has plush carpeting. I use one crutch and only walk if absolutely necessary. When my husband comes home he is my Gofor (haha)! Thanks for the response. I didn't walk for 3 years as a child and I am so afraid of never walking again! JEAN (from PA) >
>I use a wheelchair because I can only stand, balance, or walk for very
>short intervals. It has helped enormously with pain and also with being
>able to do things.
>There are some folks who think walking at any price is better than a chair,
>but my chair has freed me to do so much that I could not do otherwise.
>I've used a Quickie power chair for five years, but I am now considering
>another chair with more back support.
>Kate Murphy

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