Re: Fibromialgia & web-site copy/paste

From: Jean (
Tue Mar 6 01:23:14 2001

Teresa, Here is a web-site with lots of info. on Fifromialgia.

Directions for those who aren't acquainted with copy/pasting web addresses:

Select it by clicking your mouse at the end (or beginning) of the web address and drag your mouse across the address to highlight the entire address, 2. "right" click 3. select "copy" 4. Click on the present address (,etc.) on your tool bar at top of window (it will turn blue) 5. Right Click 6. select "Paste" 7. Hit "enter" on keyboard and it will automatically take you there.

(Instead of the "right" clicks you can also use your tool bar which should have "edit" as the title Copy and paste is listed in the pull-down underneath it). JEAN (from PA)

At Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Teresa Waldrop wrote: >
>Could someone tell me what fibriomyalgia (?spelling?) is? Dr. Parker, the hypnotherapist I use, has been helping a lady that has it. She is doing alot better now that she is going to him.
>Thanks - Teresa

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