From: Suze (
Thu Mar 8 16:56:20 2001

ICQ is a great tool to have on your computer, I have been using it for years, you can set it up so it doesnt automatically come on when you get on your computer then you are free to trun it on if you would like to see who is around at the same time as you. you can also go invisible if you dont feel like chatting with everyone and are waiting to talk to just one person, Also you can do chats with more than one person at a time where you all see what everyone is typing as they type. so icq has many options that you can set up to suit your needs. you can also send files to each other, and url address and much more if anyone wants to ask me any of the workings of icq just add me and i will help *S* my number is 37154511 As im getting over my last op and waiting for the next one im around pretty much of the time. hope you are all having a good one take care Suze

Colette wrote:

> i just downloaded ICQ i'm not to familiar with it yet but if any one has
> it they can add me too thier lis here's my #110671038. please let me
> know of any of you that have this we could chat thanks!!!
> Colette

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