Re: instant messaging

From: Jean (
Thu Mar 8 17:02:35 2001

AOL's Instant Messenger (IM) is also available to anyone for chatting. You don't need AOL to use it. I have and had before and had it for both.

AOL'S IM and ICQ are different than a "chat-room" can accept or reject someone entering your chat room. A regular chat room is open to all to join in whenever they want to. A chat room is specific to whatever site has it (example: Adhesion Society Chat Room).

IM & ICQ are used by everyone, and for the entire internet, not a specific site. JEAN (from PA)

At Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Palmer, Todd wrote: >
>Hi everyone. I had ICQ set up on my computer and it worked really well. We took it off because it alerts everyone in your addresses list when you sign on and they would want to talk constantly. Sometimes I just wanted to do my thing and not chat. You can turn it off and on. Just search ICQ and it will tell you more. It's really neat and you can actually watch people typing the words. I'm not sure how it would work for so many. If someone has any extra time, maybe check it out. It's just a suggestion!!
>Pain Free Hugs!!!

Jean (from PA)

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