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Fri Mar 9 14:43:50 2001

Jean, How is a rectocele diagnosed? I had a pelvic CAT scan with contrast this morning. Would that show it? Millie

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> I forget who had a question about this?!
> I also have a Rectocele. I was diagnosed in 1986 at which time it was
> "moderate". I have no idea what it is like now.
> I also had a Cystocele and Uterine Prolapse which were operated on many
> years before that.
> RECTOCELE - An abnormal protrusion of the wall of the rectum into the
> bladder. This condition can result in stress incontinence and
> difficulty in passing stool from the rectum.
> When the rectum bulges into or out of the vagina, it is called a
> rectocele. It is caused by a weakness of the back wall of the vagina. A
> large rectocele may make it very hard to have a bowel movement,
> especially if you have constipation. Some women have to push the bulge
> back into the vagina in order to complete a bowel movement.
> There is a diagram here.
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