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Fri Mar 9 14:17:08 2001

Hello, I was just reading your post. When did you have your hysterectomy? How long after the surgery was it before you began having problems? The only time I felt good was those 4 days in the hospital. What were they looking for on your cat scan with contrast? Did they find anythung that pointed to the bowel being pulled out of shape, possibly by adhesions? She cut adhesions around my bowels when she did the TAH. That was Jan.29,2001. I went for a pelvic CAT scan with contrast, today. Did you become constipated after drinking the barium sulfate prep? This will be a long weekend waiting for the results. Monday, I'm going to a new gastro, and see what he says. Maybe I'll ask him about the small bowel follow-through, and the barium enema.(I hate that one!) But I have to know. Some days it's hard stol, and some days, extremely thin stols, which is scary. I can't eat much, either, and boy, am I starved!! A few tips- Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. It never hurts to ask! Get a second opinion, if your insurance will allow it. Also- Helen Dynda(I hope I have the correct spelling.) posts a lot of very helpful info on any and all aspects of ARD, diagnostic tests, and so much more. She is a great help. Keep in touch. Good luck!! Millie

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> I have just found this website, what a help. I have posted my story on
> the quilt and have just begun to read the messageboard archive. I'm
> upset that I didn't know of the existence of adhesions until it got this
> bad. I wish my doctors had told me after my previous hysterectomy,
> ooomphorectomy,and gallbladder surgeries that this could happen. I
> would have gotten help sooner. I had a cat scan with contrast last
> tuesday, am scheduled to have a UGI with small bowel follow through on
> Mon 3-12-01. The doc says it will help him pinpoint where the adhesions
> are. Right now I cannot eat much, my stomach is hampered by some
> adhesion and my lower right abdomen into my leg crease. I have trouble
> walking(doc says it's probably in the ab wall muscle). I hope to have
> surgery soon to release these. After reading many of the quilt stories,
> I don't feel very optimistic, but even a short cure would be better than
> what I have now. I hope to read more of the archives and discover more
> about coping with this disease. Any words of encouragement or surgical
> tips would be appreciated.
> Thanks for being here.

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