Wonderful news from Dr. Redan & Dr. Gerhart's office!!!

From: Jean (creative@enter.net)
Fri Mar 9 14:21:46 2001

Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart are now participating doctors with ALL "Blue Cross & Blue Shield" Insurance plans..... INCLUDING ALL BC/BS HMO's!! (Dr. Reich is not)

If you have Blue Cross, whether an HMO or not, you do not have to pay a pre-payment and they will accept what Blue Cross pays them.

I have not confirmed this as of yet with Blue Cross, however I will to be on the safe side.

Sue called me this morning and told me and said I do not owe a pre-payment. She also said she "is" working on getting a pre-certification from them. She said she doesn't know if it is needed for out-patient surgery or not but I would feel better if she got it anyway so they have no excuse not to pay. You also never know if at the last minute you must stay in the hospital for some reason. I had to ask the second time who I was speaking to because she was actually VERY NICE!....like Jeckle & Hyde. I still can't get over how nice she was. What a nice surprise......maybe they read my posts (haha). Hopefully she stays this way for the doctor's (and patient's) benefit.

As most of you are aware I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Redan & Dr. Gerhart on March 29th if nothing changes. I was very concerned about the insurance. I have had so many problems and my doctor feels I need to have tests done to rule out other things like tumors etc. I had blood in my stool (actually filled the toilet) several times this past year and he was very concerned with this on top of everything else. He agreed not to do any INVASIVE testing since I just cannot handle them anymore! I got an upper GI this morning and get a Cat Scan next week etc.

I am definitely not new to any of this since I have had adhesion problems for approximately 30 years. I have had 17 surgeries in my 52 years of life and 7 were abdominal (4 adhesions).

JEAN (from PA)

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