From: Michael Murray (
Fri Mar 9 14:22:27 2001

After having adhesion surgery last year, (pelvic adhesions)they have returned but out of all the Drs. I have gone to to take care of this problem, only one agrees with me that they are back. I keep having Drs. tell me that I have IBS but I KNOW my body and I know that they are back.(They cause IBS symptoms because the intestines are hooked onto pelvic wall) It is probably a little my fault because when I walk in to a Drs. office I get nervous and don't speak my mind. I always rehearse everything I am going to say and when the Dr. walks in I get nervous and can't tell them how things are. I think that Adhesion Disease is a very touchy issue. I would hope that the Drs. that are getting trained now are getting trained in adhesive disease so patients that do suffer from them won't have Drs. blow them off or tell them they have Irritable Bowel or other things. My Dr. sent me to a surgeon yesterday, and he asked me a few questions and said that it sounded like IBS not adhesions. Well, instead of standing up and saying YES it is adhesions because I have the same symptoms that I had before I had surgery for them, I just sat there and didn't say a word. Another day walking out of a Drs. office feeling like crying. On the positive side, I am still going to Pain Management and am due to go back next week. It seems to help with the pelvic pain but not the intestinal disturbances. Does anyone out there have any advise on what to take for intestinal disturbances, i.e. ("stomache churning all the time, gas, ) Kel

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