Re: Jim PLUS- Your opinions do count!!

From: Donna (
Fri Mar 9 14:42:46 2001

At Fri, 9 Mar 2001, wrote: > Chrissy,

I have been here everyday reading everything. Just being quite. I have had intestinal bleeding for about the last 5 months. In Jan. I had a colonoscopy and they found 2 new polyps and the anastamosis from my colon resection has not healed and was bleeding. I was awake so I was able to see the sutures and the blood. So, they took out the polyps to elimanate that as a source but the bleeding has continued in fact it has about doubled in amt. Where before it was only a couple times a week it is now everyday. I also had a new spot of diverticulitsis which could also be bleeding. So, I am waiting to see if the anastamosis heals and if it doesn't I am not sure what he will do. He is a great guy and an excellant surgeon so I will just wait it out. I do have a bad adhesion but I find that as long as I keep walking and do my workouts I feel better, It is pretty sore but I try to focus on how lucky I am and not on if it hurts. It seems to work for me.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for saying hello.

>Where have you been honey bunny??!! It was nice to see a posting from you.
>How have you been? Have you found lots in your research? Hope all is well
>and please let me know how you are doing. Thanks! ")
>Hugs and Love,
>~Chrissie xo's

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