Re: Jim PLUS- Your opinions do count!!

From: rikam (
Fri Mar 9 22:10:33 2001

I agree Kate...not to mention there are aspects of surgery that need to be thought out carefully.

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> On 8 Mar 2001, at 19:51, Jean (from PA wrote:
> > I would think they would want to be noted for the good job they do and
> > their bed-side manner while accepting most major insurances. This would
> > truely give them an edge on the other doctors. I am sure "more" doctors
> > would have much better bed-side manners and adopt newer and more
> > time-consuming operations if they also could get whatever they want to
> > charge a patient, with no regards to insurances or patients cost!
> I hope that as a group supporting one another we will not get
> fixated on laparoscopic surgery, performed by a very few doctors,
> as the only solution to our problems -- particularly if that surgery is
> out of the financial range of many of us.
> I have not been very good in the last three days. I got furiously
> hungry for some solid tasting breakfast and so had Raisin Bran on
> Tuesday. It was so good, I had another helping on Wednesday.
> Today, even though I was already having a lot of pain and gas, I
> had one more teeny, tiny helping.
> I hurt! I have gone back to a stricter diet full of nice soft Wonder
> Bread. Diet isn't the whole answer, but for me it is part of it.
> I watched a super basketball game tonight, gas gurgling the whole
> time, but it was distracting and kept me from focusing on my
> troubles.
> I think that we can offer each other some help that goes beyond
> information about surgery. I also think we need to respect the
> opinions of those who feel they cannot use scarce family resources
> for this surgery.
> Kate
> Kate Murphy

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