From: Michael Murray (
Fri Mar 9 22:22:01 2001 wrote:

> T ith Dr.Redan. Apparently he just returned from Mexico and heard
> about my "OPINION" and wasn't happy. He called me this evening at
> about
> 9:10p.m. He said he spoke with his "legal counsel" and basically
> threatened me if I didn't clarify myself I would be accused of
> "SLANDER". Then, get this, he wants me to "apologize" to Sue. Some
> (actually a lot) of you warned me about retaliation, but I am actually
> shocked that a doctor would actually call me at my home and harass me.
> He and his "legal counsel" want me to clarify and make my position
> of my "OPINION" perfectly clear and protect my career (which he
> basically implied could be at risk if I didn't) My posting was an
> opinion meant to "pass along" my personal experience with a very good
> practice which was unattainable to me. It was to the members of this
> posting board, those of us who are suffering. I will never apologize
> for my "opinion" and it certainly wasn't meant to get any one Please
> take it as only one persons "opinion" else's. I am entitled to my
> "opinion" and I stick by it. I hope this teaches all of us to make
> RECEIVED. It is not only my "opinion" that is out there. Beware of
> ever trying to help folks, you too could receive a shocking and
> extremely upsetting telephone call too. I thought this was a free
> country, but Thanks to "legal counsel" it sadly isn't. I wish you
> all well. Again, this was only my opinion and was never meant to
> upset anyone. Best to all-stay strong and stand up for yourselves and
> your rights!
> Regina T.

Regina, YOU GO GIRL!!! Will you go with me to my Drs. appts? I need someone to be blunt and strong! Which reminds me, When I had my adhesion surgery, the Dr. wanted $ down ahead of time, even though I had good insurance. Well, after the insurance paid,(they paid 100%, because they were a preferred provider.) I had a credit of a few hundred dollars and I had to fight for a few months to get that money back. I won't ever pay more than my co-pay again. They would have turned me over to collections if they had to wait like I did. Don' t quote me,I may be wrong but if the Drs. office has a contract with the insurance company, the only thing they are supposed to ask you to pay for up front is your Co-pay.That is the way it is where I live. I work in a medical office. It seems like most of the time, surgeons don't ask for $ up front unless you don't have insurance. They wait and see what your insurance pays first. Kel

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