Re: FAO ROBYNE (To Jackie)

From: Michael Murray (
Sat Mar 10 13:08:33 2001

Jackie, My husband also had his colon removed,(due to Ulcerative Colitus) then the small intestine connected. We almost lost him. He is doing fine now, but has chronic diareah,(Ithink that I would rather have to colostomy bag.) He doesn't complain much and I feel bad because it seems like I complain all the time with the adhesion problems. He went to a "famous Dr." to have this surgery. This surgeon operated on one of our presidents. Unfortunately, my husbands small intestine got blocked after the removal of his colon. He was in the hospital for almost a month. So I learned that no matter what kind of Dr. we go to, and how good they are, things can happen. I wish you well, Kel


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