Re: Jean Question on Rectocele??????

From: Robyne Hinks (
Sat Mar 10 23:47:15 2001

Dear Collette The defecogram is an awful test but a very important one.Here in Australia they will only allow female nurse and radiologists in the room when this is done.Also you are behind a screen so noone can see you.It is all very discreet.It not only shows prolapses but also checks that there is peristaltic action going on in the colon.If there is no action then it usually means that you have either a lazy bowel or it is not working at all and this could be an indication of bowel blockages.A lot of these tests are definitely not very pleasant but I for one was only too happy to recieve these so I could make sure that the right decisions were made.Love always Robyne.

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From: Colette <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2001 12:48 PM Subject: Jean Question on Rectocele??????

> Hi I'v been reading the post! I do have a question. My Gi recommended a
> Defagram which is a test that you do to see if you have rectocele
> prolapse it constist of putting some stuff up th rectum and making u
> potty and while on the potty as its coming out the take x-rays to see if
> the rectum is potruding. I can't do this test it really grosses me out.
> i think my GI needs to show me how its done LOL!!! but from reading the
> post you said your Ob?gyn found yours. I would rather go to my ob/gyn
> to have him check instead of being put through that god awful test. So
> can he check for the prolapse? Thank you !
> Colette

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