Re: Jean Question on Rectocele??????

From: Millie (
Sun Mar 11 02:20:42 2001

Robyne, Is that test painful? I never heard of it, but it sounds pretty scary. Millie

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> Dear Collette The defecogram is an awful test but a very important
one.Here > in Australia they will only allow female nurse and radiologists in the
room > when this is done.Also you are behind a screen so noone can see you.It is
> all very discreet.It not only shows prolapses but also checks that there
is > peristaltic action going on in the colon.If there is no action then it
> usually means that you have either a lazy bowel or it is not working at
all > and this could be an indication of bowel blockages.A lot of these tests
are > definitely not very pleasant but I for one was only too happy to recieve
> these so I could make sure that the right decisions were made.Love always
> Robyne.

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> Subject: Jean Question on Rectocele??????
> > Hi I'v been reading the post! I do have a question. My Gi recommended a
> > Defagram which is a test that you do to see if you have rectocele
> > prolapse it constist of putting some stuff up th rectum and making u
> > potty and while on the potty as its coming out the take x-rays to see if
> > the rectum is potruding. I can't do this test it really grosses me out.
> > i think my GI needs to show me how its done LOL!!! but from reading the
> > post you said your Ob?gyn found yours. I would rather go to my ob/gyn
> > to have him check instead of being put through that god awful test. So
> > can he check for the prolapse? Thank you !
> > Colette
> >

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