Re: I need everyone's advice!!

From: Karla (
Sun Mar 11 04:57:03 2001

Not at all Jim! Regina is correct in the fact that Sue can be an unpleasant individual to deal with...the rest is absolutely without a doubt incorrect. Run to Dr. Reich and Redan's office! You will be so happy you did. I just wish that I could be doing the same right now!


>----- Original Message ----- From: "Jim" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 7:47 AM Subject: I need everyone's advice!!

> I read with great dismay last night the post by "Regina" about her > experiences with Dr. Redan's/Reich's office. To say I am upset is to > put it mildly. > > It seems from reading Regina's post that she is basically accusing R&R > of running a scam on its patients. She states that they are using "bait > and switch" in the business practices, which really is disconcerting. I > guess the reason that I am so upset is that in my dealings with their > office I had been literally shocked at how well I was treated and kept > saying to myself that this can't be true. It seemed from my encounters > with the "surgical experts" that Regina was so fond of referring to, > that these doctors at "teaching hospitals" view patients with very > little respect and NEVER listen to the patient! And by the way, I was > operated on TWICE in a "major teaching hospital in Philadelphia" by the > "best surgeon". And look where it has gotten me. Even now I am still > considering legal action against this surgeon as well this "leading" > teaching hospital. So I take what she says about her chats with her > fellow health care professionals with MORE than a grain of salt. Regina, > if you are attending the medical school that I think you are, you will > definitely fit right into their culture. > > Indeed Regina, as I waited to be admitted into this hospital I had to > wait in this doctor's office for over FIVE hours with no medical > attention! As I sat there, I overheard every conversation that his staff > had on the phone. You would be happy to know that one of the > conversations was of the "insurance girl" telling one of this "great > surgeon's" patients that they had to have a certified check for $10,000 > to his office within 48 hours or they were cancelling his procedure. I > wonder why you think that this is such an "uncommon" practice? > > Anyway, I now have extreme doubt about having my surgery done. I am > calling Dr. Redan's office this AM to try get the low down straight > from the source regarding payment by outside insurers. In the meantime, > what once seemd like a situation where help was finally on my way now > seems to be in serious doubt. I am heartbroken and have not slept in > over 24 hours now worrying about this. > > My question is to everyone out there, especially anyone that R&R has > operated on, am I still making the right choice with surgery? I have > looked high and low for two years and found NO surgeons in this "huge" > country that offered this specialized service (sorry Regina). My wife > and I are still going to see Dr. Redan on 3/12, but I am also sending > him an email to check out Regina's post as it seems to be very > defamatory. I would like to get his thoughts on the serious doubts that > Regina has painted on their practice. > > Am I being scammed? >

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