Re: Help

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Mar 12 18:14:20 2001

Dear Trace,

I do believe I understand you. You have an empty space that feels wierd. I doubt it's so much that you miss the pain as that you are adjusting to a life that is not centered around it.

I would guess that your body and mind are going through phisiological adjustments as well that are perhaps beyond your control, your body is used to being in a pain response and you have been on many medications that may still be flushing out of your system.

I think also that going through something like this changes our perspective on life...we realize what we truly love and value, and the things that used to be important may now seem trivial.

I think of it almost as a rebirth...where everything is new, and not much taken for granted.

You may benefit from journalling...writing out all of your thought and feelings, don't edit your writing your thoughts and emotions, and don't judge yourself fo what you may think is a "right" or "wrong" feeling...use your writing to purge.

You are used to getting alot of extra care and attention due to your illness, whether it was positive or sometimes negative, it was attention regardless. You still need this. So, pamper yourself to a hot bath or treat yourself to some flowers to replace some of what is missing.

We have several meditation books now that are sprinkled about in almost every room...reading these thoughts is very calming to me, and can usually quiet my racing mind.

Chamomille tea is is a natural muscle relaxant. Maybe check at your healthfood store and see if they have a sleepytime or nighty-night natural herbal tea.

Who knows your doc may even prescribe an anti-depressant for a while while you adjust...I have never tried this myself, but I have heard from others that this can help.

And lastly, know that you are loved and that you have great purpose. You have been an angel to me and I think you are a dear and warm-hearted friend to many here.

I love you, I hope something in here helps!


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