Re: New member/bladder adhesions?????

From: Rosie (
Thu Mar 15 13:06:40 2001

Hi! Well, my surgeon, AKA "The Butcher," asperated my hematoma in his office about 3 times and it never helped, nor did all the oral antibiotics I was on. I had to go back in the hospital for IV antibiotics and later had to go back in for the 3rd time for the surgery to insert the drain. These are just the highlights, I could fill in some gory details in between, but I'm sure you've been through it all too from the sounds of it. The hematoma was a result of my (unneccessary - IMO) Hysterectomy. What kind of surgery did you have? I heard of a book entitled "Hysterectomy - the ultimate Rape" and couldn't agree more! My doctors all tell me that I'm in the 1% of women who have these kinds of problems after a Hysterectomy and that most women feel much better. I guess they are surprised that somehow, magically, that doesn't make me feel better! What is the cause of your bladder problems if you don't mind me asking? Do you or your doctors suspect adhesions? You mentioned excruciating pain - do you still have it? Thanks for writing! Rosie

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> Yep, been there too. No fun. 18cm hematoma, infected, septicemia, iv
> fluids for ever, transfusions, etc. deathly ill etc. etc. I am so glad
you > survived your ordeal. Bladder probs here as well. Excruciating pain.
> Where did your blood come from...the hematoma? I mean why did you end up
> with a heamatoma.

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