Re: I am in terrible PAIN

Fri Mar 16 04:49:31 2001


If I may ask, if your Mom has the same problem and is getting the relief she needs with pain meds, why can't you get the same help? Or does she not live in the same area. I know Helen will be happy to assist you as she is an advocate for the adhesions society and also for the American Society Against Pain, so I know if she can find someone she will. As I told you she found someone here for me, but fortunately we live within about 2 hours of each other. The doctor is only 30 minutes from me, but a much longer drive for her.

I wish you the best, I know what you mean about pestering people to take you to the ER ..and my PCP was weird on pain meds. He even dropped me recently. But that's all water under the bridge. Just keep on trudging as I have, and you have been at this a lot longer than I know you will keep the faith.

In health,

Karen Carter

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