Re: Little Help From My Friends

From: Mary Wade (
Fri Mar 16 04:36:40 2001

I want to come up there to kick some doctor butt. OK...there has to be a way to get you a good pain doc! Can you write him a follow-up letter? I'll help you. You need to start getting YOUR documentation in that chart and not just what HE says. Docs take WRITTEN words very seriously because THOSE can come back and bite them in a lawsuit in a way that spoken words can't. I work in a doc office and know how to bang on em. Want me to help with written material to the doc?

I loved chatting with you the other day! Love, Mary

-----Original Message----- From: Chrissie [] Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 3:11 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Little Help From My Friends

It's the "cheery" Chrissie posting today. I'm usually good in posting only positive things but today, after a trip to my pain doctor, I don't know if I have anymore cheer in me. I know what helps my pain so why, why does a doctor NOT listen to me? Why do I have to go to doctor to doctor just to find one that will listen to me? I'm am getting very tired of this and don't know how much more I have left in me. I feel so very alone. My husband really doesn't want to hear it anymore. My long term disability is looking as if it will be denied because my condition is pre-existing. There are other things going on in my life that are not positive and I feel as if I can't even catch a break. Maybe I'm just venting to people who do listen to me. Or maybe, I just had enought today and I can't take it anymore. When I feel like this, I tell myself tomorrow will be better and today is just a mood. So, that's probably what will happen - I'll feel better tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent.

Love and Hugs, ~Chrissie ox's NH

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