From: jackie burgess (
Sat Mar 17 15:36:39 2001

Hi chrissie and everyone thanks for emailing me, last night i was at my wits end have been in excruciating pain all week, only been managing to stay out of bed 4-6 hrs this week and only managed to cook 1 meal for hubby. I am ashamedly confessing that, as a result of the pain I had some alcohol last night, plus I was very very low in mood.I KNOW its not the answer but i seem to be getting worse again, the pain med, not having much effect and am having to take more, but to no avail. still in pain. even opening bowels takes me back to bed, im so swollen i cant even do up my trousers, feeling very depressed tonite, and dont think i can tell hubby how i feel, as he says,(trying to be positive) it will get better. so wats the point in telling him.

it was my sons 13th birthday today, was supposed to go out for a meal, but i had 2 stay home as i wasnt well enough to go, i really felt i'd let him down. HIS OWN MOTHER CANT GO OUT TO CELEBRATE WITH FAMILY FOR HER SONS BIRTHDAY.

sorry to be so down, but i really thought this new pain med. was starting to work, saying that it stopped working after 1month of being on it the last time.

i will go now and leave u all in peace take care

stickybits Jackie B england

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