Re: mind boggled

Sun Mar 18 10:04:03 2001

WELCOME ") You didn't sign your post so I'm going to call you Andy using your email address. I too had dysplasia, but they lazered that out. I had pain all of my childhood and come to find out I was born with endometriosis. I've had surgery after surgery for endo., but the pain just didn't stop and the endo. just didn't stop spreading. Because my husband and I wanted children badly, I was not about to have a hysterectomy. I too had those wonderful lupron shots after each surgery. Finally, after trying all I could to get pregnant and the pain being so severe, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I kick myself in the butt now for having that surgery. I wish my ob/gyn wasn't so easy on me saying OK OK I'll have the hysterectomy because of all this pain. Well, guess what - even with the hysterectomy I still had pain and the pain got worse each year. I guess what I'm trying to say is, before you go and have the hysterectomy take a look at ALL options because you can never get those parts back again. Love and Hugs, ~Chrissie NH

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