Re: mind boggled

From: Helen Chalmers (
Sun Mar 18 22:00:22 2001

In reply to endometriosis:

After undergoing surgery with R&R I was told that I was completely full of endo? My answer was "what, I just had a TAH and she left me full of endo, how could that be, and why didn't she remove it." Their reply to this was no, most GYN's don't have the expertise to tackle the endo. if it is adhered to major organs, so they just leave it. They even told me that they could see where 12 years ago when I couldn't get pregnant and I underwent surgery to remove the endo how she just scraped a little bit off in order to let the sperm throught but did not take all of it away, as she must not have been experienced enough to tackle it(and they get the big bucks for this). I was absolutely speechless at hearing this. So please make sure, as others have stated, that you get the best qualifed surgeon out there to take out the endometriosis so that it doesn't return. The more I find out about the medical profession the more I cringe at what they are able to get away with. Here I thought I went in to have all my endometriosis removed and all she had to do under the law was scrape away tiny fragments of it and leave the rest. No wonder I had such horrible painful periods the rest of my life, which lead to the TAH which lead to the massive adhesions I had. The doctors stated that the adhesions had attached themselves to every piece of endo. it could find, which was plenty. I did have two children, so guess I have to thank her for the little scraping she did in there ~ just enough to let the little spermies through.


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