Re: mind boggled

Mon Mar 19 08:13:48 2001

Dear Andy, I am also new to this site. My problems started in my early 20's with endo. Luckily, I had twins at 19. After 3 surgeries to remove endo, lupron, some other horrible drug, I went for the hysterectomy at 27. They kept 1 ovary and tube. I was pain free 4 years. I am back on the rollercoaster again.

I had 2 surgeries in 4 months last year ( to remove that ovary, adhesions, then part of my colon) All I can say is that the women on this site have a wealth of information and check out every option before the hysterectomy. I know that you get desperate to be relieved of pain and will do anything. the best of luck to you KellyD

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