New Adhesions Sufferer Seeking Support

Mon Mar 19 08:50:25 2001

Dear Friends, I guess everyone get's these letters, so here I am writing and hoping for some comfort and help. It's been a long few weeks, few months, few years. The doctors have just figured out that I have adhesions, but there doesn't seem to be one single dr out there who believes they cause pain or that is willing to do adhesiolysis. So I continue to suffer. Things got so bad this past weekend I went to the ER and complained of a backache just to get something for the pain. Isn't that retarded? Why should I have to lie? Why can't they understand that this pain is real? I would love to get some adhesion pen pals. I am 38, have had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago, an appendectomy, my gallbladder is gone, I've had ovarian cancer w/mets to the uterus and cervix which led to the hysterectomy, and in total 13 surgeries in 15 years. I am the mother of 5 children. 3 are mine and 2 are mine by marriage. We have 2 grandkids with my step son and 3 grandkids with my daughter and another grandchild by my next to youngest son. I have the adhesions, CFS and Fibro, they are all inter-related I am told. Please tell me I am not nuts that this does get better! I don't know how much of this run around I can take going from dr to dr to dr going through the same tests over and over again. I am afraid to eat because of bowel obstructions (been hospitalized once for that and that was enough). I have horrible backaches and migraines from the adhesions on my spine and now I just don't know what to do. My family is afraid to say or do anything because I am not the same woman I was. Adhesions are ruining my life. If anyone out there understands where I am coming from I would love to hear form you. Missy

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